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Gold ’n Mirror One

Endless shades and shapes in just one single artwork

Surprise yourself everyday by the variety this artwork offers depending on the viewing angle, incidence of light and light intensity. Make it yours by hanging the frame depending on your mood or add others frames. Play with it!

Detail Information

Limited edition of 25. No restocks—when sold out, it’s gone forever.
Handmade in Germany.
Numbered and signed by the artist.
Dimensions: 25 × 25 × 2.2 cm

Made of high quality materials:

  • acid free and solid colored paper: ECF, FSC® Mix, Heavy Metal Absence
  • mirror cardboard
  • Frame: matt gold. The high quality museum grade aluminum frame is sustainably manufactured in Germany.

Ready to hang: The frame has hanging devices on all four sides. So it is even possible to hang the Artwork again and again in different directions.

Created and designed by

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